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This office is a fee for service office,  

and fees are due at the time of service. 

Will My Insurance  Reimburse Me For Chiropractic Care?

Often Yes. Please check with your insurance company directly to discuss their policy regarding Chiropractic care, including the deductible, how much of the deductible has been met this year, their policy on Out-Of-Network Chiropractors, and other requirements or restrictions. Chiropractic benefits are included in many health insurance policies offered by insurance carriers registered by the California State Department of Insurance.


Are You In My Network's HMO or PPO Plan?

The office is currently Out-Of-Network for all Insurance Plans, and not part of an HMO system.


How Is My Insurance Company Billed?

Upon request, the office will prepare and submit an electronic claim to the insured's insurance company, so the insured may be reimbursemd by their insurance company, in accordance with their policy plan.  A Health Insurance Claim Form will be generated and electronically submitted. 

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Will Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services? 

Medicare will pay a portion of the Chiropractic adjustment service when certain conditions are met.

1.  The patient is signed up with Medicare.

2.  "Manual Manipulation to the Spine" is the only reimbursable code.

3.   Exams, maintenance, preventative & wellness care, & Neurofeedback are non-covered services.  

4.  The patient must treating for pain in the spine, and the pain must be acute in nature, not a chronic condition.  However, an acute exacerbation of a chronic condition, may qualifiy.

For example, a person with chronic low back pain presents with a strain/sprain of the low back, above and beyond their typical 'chronic' state, and is reimbursable by Medicare. 

Medicare vs Medicare affiliates

Medicare reimburse their insured's Chiropractic services when certain criteria are met, however Medicare plans such as Secure Horizons and Medicare Advantage may not, so do check directly with the Medicare affiliate regarding Chiropractic coverage.


Medi Cal

Unfortunately, this office does not accept MediCal.


Medicare "Approval" explained

Medicare covers 80% of the service to their insured's bill that they "Approve" after the deductible has been met.  Medicare "Approves" only one code type a Chiropractor bills, and the code is "Manual Manipulation to the Spine."  Medicare covers no other services performed & billed by a Chiropractor.  Medicare does not cover the initial exam, therapies such as massage, ultrasound, biofeedback, Neurofeedback, or other services by a Chiropractor. Please note that therapeutic services are routinely performed by this Chiropractor.  

Medicare and X-Ray coverage

Medicare will not pay for X-rays ordered by a Doctor of Chiropractic, though a Chiropractor can take or prescribe X-rays.  For payment reimbursement through Medicare, one can either have their Medical doctor prescribe the X-rays, pay out-of-pocket, or have secondary or supplemental insurance pay for the X-rays, if and when X-Rays are indicated. Dr. Murphy does not routinely X-ray.