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Explanation - Addictions*, PTSD*, Veterans*, Beyond Placebo

Improved Self-Regulation 

Training The Person, Not Treating The Disease


Neurofeedback, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Natureopathy, Natural Health Care specialists, all share the goal of assisting the body's innate intelligence to heal itself, as such do not treat disease.  Neurofeedback trains the brain to improve self-regulation so the body is better able to manage and self-heal. Chiropractors call this self innate healing ability  "INNATE!" 


Neurofeedback has been shown to be profoundly helpful for improving, remediating, and/or alleviating a wide range of conditions, and it is important to distinguish that Neurofeedback is considered a modality for assisting the nervous system to improve its function, enhance 'Innate', yet is not considered a 'treatment.'  The Neurofeedback practitioner's goal is to help the body improve self-regulation, and therefore function improves, improving the system as a whole.

* Important Information


* Neurofeedback, a form of brain training, is considered an adjunctive, ancillary, and supportive modality to your medical, mental, or alternative health care practitioner's treatment, and is not a stand-alone treatment.  While receiving Neurofeedback, always work in conjunction with an appropriate licensed medical or mental health professional, regarding diagnosis and treatment of the underlying condition.  Chiropractors are licensed primary health care providers, and are trained to manage, refer, or / and work in conjunction with other health or educational professionals. 


Neurofeedback Explanation

Kurt Othmer, CEO of EEG Info

Kurt Othmer discusses how Neurofeedback works- PTSD, sleep.

"Like 30 years of meditation."

Faces of Neurofeedback*

Kurt Othmer

Real People, Real Stories, Real Success. Conversations with clinicians who have found success adding Neurofeedback

to their clinical Practices

Neurofeedback & Addictions*

EEG Info. - Discussion of Neurofeedback & Addiction, plus interviews with professionals and clients at addiction facilities and research results showing a 77% effectiveness for Neurofeedback in addition to treatment programs.

Neurofeedback & PTSD*

Regaining Control -EEG Info

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Neurofeedback. Two war veterans talk about how neurofeedback has helped them.

Amazing Transformation of a Veteran *

The amazing transformation of a veteran after undergoing infra-low neurofeedback at Fort Hood & Dr. Michael Villanueva.

Navy LT shares results of

neurofeedback for PTSD*

"It Works"

Navy Chaplain, LT Brian Shearer,  who served in Afghanistan also in Haiti after the earthquake, shares how neurofeedback made an immediate and powerful difference in his dealing with the effects of PTSD*.  

Beyond The Placebo Effect

Neurofeedback research defies placebo. 

by Kurt Othmer 

Dr. Deborah Murphy -  Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback

111 W Topa Topa St Ste 3 Ojai, CA 93023

John Lennon on Biofeedback
1972 Mike Douglas Show

John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Chuck Berry discuss bio-feedback with scientist and musician David Rosenboom.

Note: John Lennon explained Biofeedback as learning to have conscious control over our body processes, like breath & heart rate.   Neurofeedback brain training however, works in the background. The brain self-corrects, like a computer that resets when it is rebooted, and is not a consciously controlled process. 

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

Neurofeedback helps the brain re-time and rewire itself, with repetition a necessary part of training, in the same way learning to ride a reverse handle bicycle takes repetition.