"Not only I highly recommend Dr. Murphy, the best Chiropractic experience in my life, but I invite everyone to experience Neurofeedack, which has changed my life.  It has helped me to become pain-free and more importantly, it has inspired me to exercise and think in a whole new healthy way."  - G.L.   Designer

"Neurofeedback helped me a lot.  I sleep better and my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has diminished markedly." 35 y/o female


"Since starting Neurofeedback, teachers say (son's name) had another one of his best 2 days ever.  He is doing his work and even extra credit, is speaking up and engaging in class appropriately.  He smiles at jokes and doesn't seem to be as irritable.  I am so thankful to Dr. Murphy for helping my son." Mother of formerly disregulated 16 y/o attending lock-down school.

(2 years later, he graduated top in his trade school class & offered a college scholarship.)


"Thanks to Neurofeedback, my Restless Leg is almost gone, and it used to be really bad. I tried taking meds for it but the side effects were worse than the problem."  Retired teacher


"I feel more spacious in my demeanor, and relaxed.  Before Neurofeedback, I didn't know what it was like to feel relaxed." Homemaker

"I feel like the best version of myself!"

University professor after 24 sessions.


"Neurofeedback works!  I've never been able to organize, clean, move, and throw stuff out with as much attention, because I used to have the attention of a nat."  Healthcare professional


"Neurofeedback is where science and spirituality meet" and "I don't feel angry anymore, and I used to feel angry all the time." 15 y/o male

And the mom of the 15 y/o, also a healthcare professional said, "Dr. Deb's act of kindness is felt through the entire universe."

It's the first time I've felt like myself since my mom passed away when I was 11." young adult


"I've been able to get through my paperwork faster."  Entrepreneur 


"That was like the best drug I can imagine." After an Alpha-Theta session.  Landscaper


"I went to a party where everyone was drinking, and I didn't have any desire to drink.  I didn't even like the smell of it!"  Office worker


"Neurofeedback is great!  My highs aren't as high & my lows aren't as low. I've stopped smoking, joined a gym, and am working out every day instead of staying up late partying."  Chef


"Last week my co-worker told me I am noticeably calmer than I was two years ago, and I did the Neurofeedback training with Dr. Murphy, two years ago."  Professional classical musician


"I feel really great.  I feel like it's a miracle machine!  I've been doing a lot of spiritual work for a long time, and I feel like it gets the pin out & lets everything move."  22 y/o male University student 

Note: Permission granted yet names withheld for anonymity. 

Dr. Deborah Murphy -  Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback

111 W Topa Topa St Ste 3 Ojai, CA 93023

Parkinson's & Neurofeedback

"Yesterday, my Neurologist said, 'If I didn't know the difference, I wouldn't know you have Parkinson's.  See you in six months!' " 

Kathleen Hellwitz

"The Front Row Lady"

Since Neurofeedback training, I feel a whole new level of inner peace freedom. I am grateful to be living with more joy and so much less angst & fear. I enjoy takin on  new challenges. Neurofeedback is safe, very easy, & it feels wonderful.

I recommend it highly!   

-Laurie Edgcomb,

Licensed Acupuncturist

Neurofeedback is one of the nicest 'gifts' I have ever received - Ever!  I even think, this is one of the reasons I moved to Ojai, one of the healing gifts of being in the valley.

- Ashley Osler



"Chemo-Brain" Relief!

The chemotherapy I had for Lung Cancer shrunk my tumor, yet left me feeling foggy-headed, sad, and out-of-it. Neurofeedback relieved my "Chemo-brain" in only a few sessions.  I’ve been feeling like myself again for the first time since before this whole thing started. I am thankful to my supportive family, friends, and doctors, and I am blessed for my daughter’s (Dr.Deb’s) skillful Neurofeedback expertise, because now I am back to enjoying my family, my LIFE, and my love of music!

- Shirley Leak,

Pianist & Piano teacher for 66 years