Neurofeedback, aka Neurotherapy, Brainwave & EEG Biofeedback, is a state-of-the-art, computer assisted form of Biofeedback brain training, using moment to moment brainwave recordings, called EEG (electroencephalogram.) Biofeedback is a process of feeding back to the body, information about its own biological processes. The basis of all forms of Biofeedback is self-correction.  

Neurofeedback is natural, safe, and effective!

Neurofeedback is Exercise for the Brain


Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback using brainwaves. Like a dancer training in front of a mirror, corrections are made in response to real-time movement and timing with the music.  Neurofeedback uses the best cutting edge computer assistance to allow the brain to witness its own activity - the ebb & flow of its own timing. As the brain is given information about its own electrical timing activity, it sees the discrepancies and self-corrects. 


The brain’s electrical signals are detected from little sensors placed on the scalp with a sticky paste and transmitted to a computer where they are displayed, analyzed, and projected for the trainee on a monitor as part of a video game or movie. Nothing goes into the sensors, and nothing is done to the person. The brain simply recognizes its own signal in the same way we recognize ourselves in a mirror, and begins making adjustments accordingly - easily, gently, simply, safely, with the result being a better functioning, more flexible brain - thus exercising to be a better functioning more flexible person - at our best.

Is your brain stuck in a rut?

The brain has habits and patterns that are helpful, and sometimes the brain will get stuck in a rut or a groove, a pattern or habit that is unhelpful.  With Neurofeedback training, the brain self-corrects simply by observing the ebb & flow of the timing of its own signal,  It fixes its own brainwave timing regulation, finds new pathways, and frees itself from ruts.  Why ride a bicycle in the sand, for example, when there is a perfectly good bike path nearby? Certainly the brain can find an easier pathway, with so many pathways to choose from. The brain needs to exercise in new ways to find them. Neurofeedback trains the brain for flexibility, timing, and finding new pathways. When the brain becomes more resilient, we become more resilient. 

A Flexible Brain Can Easily Activate or Rest

I ncreasing flexibility between active and quiet brain states is a benefit of Neurofeedback.  When the brain is flexible, one can more easily calm into a restful state, like sleep, for repair, yet also efficiently speed up, for focused thinking, productivity, movement, and creativity.  When our brain is flexible and resilient, we are happier, healthier, more fully alive, and able to utilize our full talents and potentials, to Be the person we are meant to be !

Also known as EEG or Brainwave Biofeedback, the brain safely and directly trains for long-term efficiency.


For over fifty years, Neurofeedback has been integrating the newest scientific advancements in EEG, computer technology, neuroscience, and neuropsychology,  inovatively pioneering research and training for safe natural brain training, balancing, and enhancement.  When we are resilient, we feel our best. 


How Brain Timing Controls

Brain Regulation & Disregulation

If clocks throughout a train system were all set to slightly different times, the disregulated schedule could cause system-wide train delays and even disasters. To fix the train schedule, simple self-correction of the clocks is in order.
By re-regulating the brain's clocks, or timing system,  Neurofeedback  teaches the brain  to be more flexible yet stable, more easily slowing for calmness, such as sleep or meditation, or speeding up for reading, computations and learning. Flexibility & stability of brain states allows us a wide access to our brain's best potential, including creativity, perspective and the feeling of being the Best Version of ourself!

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