YES!  Neurofeedback gains are 

usually long-lasting & permanent.

To understand the long-term benefits of Neurofeedback, it can be  helpful to view conditions in three groupings - brain disregulation, injury, and progressive diseases.


There are disorders where the brain timing becomes disregulated, like insomnia, habitual pain patterns, old habits & fears, ADD/ADHD, bumps to the head, or post surgery fogginess. When the brain recalibrates,  the benefits are usually long lasting & permanent.


Secondly, there are conditions involving permanent damage to the brain structures, like Traumatic Brain Injury.  The goal then is to optimize and offer brain training to stabilize, reroute, and reconnect signals around the effected areas.   Effected nerve cells may remain damaged, yet new learning, skills, and pathways trained generally become permanent improvements. Brain imaging like Functional MRI, and the recently famous Nun's study, have taught us that  the brain is elastic and continues to learn and rewire throughout our entire lifetime!


Thirdly, there are conditions where a progressive decline or underlying disease process exists.  The goal with Neurofeedback training is to improve brain function so symptoms & function improve, helping people to be more comfortable and at peace, even when not reversing the course of their condition.   However, when  stress and sleep are factors linked to the progression of a condition, and they are improved (typical benefit of Neurofeedback),  the power of the human spirit has a chance to prevail.

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