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  • Lumbar / Low Back Pain

  • Cervical / Neck Pain

  • Thoracic / Pain Between Shoulder Blades

  • Headaches - Tension, Migraine

  • Sciatica - Neuropathy

  • Muscle Tension & Spasms

  • Nerve pain or Numbness

  • Athletic Injuries

  • Frozen Shoulder & Injuries

  • Hip Injuries & Pain

  • Joint Strains & Sprains

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Chronic & Acute Injury

  • Chronic Pain Syndromes

Dr. Deb Murphy

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  •  Gentle 'Hands-On'  & Traditional Chiropractic

  • Combination Chiropractic       & Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Light-Touch Adjusting Techniques

  • Adjusting for Athletes

  • Deep Tissue Therapy

  • Myofascial Release

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • Extremity Adjusting

  • Neurofeedback  

  • EEG / Brainwave Biofeedback Brain Training / Neurotherapy

  • Natural & Preventative Care Solutions

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Dr. Deborah Murphy -
Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback
311 W Topa Topa St Ste 3, Ojai California, CA



Yes, Chiropractic is very safe!  


Chiropractic adjustments are gentle movements applied specifically to joints that have become stuck and are no longer moving properly. Since a joint's function is movement, facilitating movement in the direction it is designed to move, when it becomes stuck, is a normal and natural process, and often happens spontaneously, when stretching and strengthening are part of a person's daily life. Yet if a joint doesn't move, over time it grows more restricted until it gradually may become completely fused. Chiropractic adjustments are restorative in maintaining normal natural joint mobility to specific joints, which returns function and health to surrounding structure and nervous system. They are natural and safe.


After Dr. Murphy reviews a patient's history, examines, evaluates, and advises a treatment plan, there are many techniques she may utilize. Dr. Murphy carefully adapts her adjusting style to suit each patient's needs, whether it be an athlete who enjoys deeply restorative adjustments, or a more sensitive or fragile person, able to enjoy the profound benefits of light-touch techniques. Chiropractic is a safe healing practice for the entire family, including children and elderly.

We all know, people will use less medication when the cause of their pain resolves, it can be argued that NOT having Chiropractic care is unsafe!  In fact, side effects of unnecessary medications have significantly harmful effects that most people do not realize. 1 in 4000 people die from complications from the use of non steroidal antiinflammatories alone. Since Chiropractic care relieves & often resolves back, neck & other pain, there will be less need for medications like NSAIDs or harmful steroidal antiinflammatories.  Chiropractic adjustments are  wonderful, relieving, and are healing, therefore patients reach for medications less.  As patients become healthier, and are also empowered to adopt healthier lifestyles, their Chiropractors are literally saving lives, and the added bonus, Chiropractic adjustments feel fantastic!



Yes!  Most patients find Chiropractic adjustments very comfortable, and typically experience a feeling relief and exhilaration after an adjustment. Ojai Chiropractor, Dr. Deborah Murphy's adjustments and treatments are very comfortable and safe. After 30 years in practice, she has many techniques to draw on for every age, body & sensitivity level. 

Dr. Murphy adapts her techniques to meet the needs of every individual patient, so she is able to adapt for those who are young or frail, to those who need and prefer a more athletic deep treatment, releasing the tension and restrictions accumulated in the spine and extremities.  After a Chiropractic adjustment, there is some variability, and sometimes there may be temporary soreness in the spinal joints or in the muscles.  Most adjustments feel relieving and fantastic!


Dr. Deborah Murphy -
Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback
311 W Topa Topa St Ste 3, Ojai California, CA