Migraine, Tension, Cluster


  • IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome





  • PMS

  • TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury



  • TICS








  • TESTING IMPROVEMENT                

  • ENCOURAGE friendships & socializing

  • MEDITATION enhancement training


  • Improved Sense of best WELL-BEING


  • More ease in  THERAPY

  • and more...


* While concurrently under the care and management of a Licensed Mental Health Professional for diagnosis and treatment recommendations,  the sleep enhancement, and stabilization benefits of Neurofeedback can increase the brain's ability to function more flexibly, and thus enhance benefits, increase compliance to, and be supportive of such treatment plan/s.  In other words, Neurofeedback may be beneficial and supportive in helping regulate some of the physical symptoms, like calming & sleep, involved with the above conditions. 


      Food, Smoking, Coffee







* Important Information


* Neurofeedback, a form of brain training, is considered an adjunctive, ancillary, and supportive modality to medical, mental, or alternative health care practitioner's treatment plans, and is not a treatment or a stand-alone treatment.  While receiving Neurofeedback training, always work in conjunction with an appropriate licensed medical or mental health professional, regarding diagnosis and best treatment of the underlying condition.  Chiropractors are licensed primary health care providers, and are trained to manage, refer, or / and work in conjunction with other health or educational professionals. 



Parkinson's, Alzheimer's Disease, & other Degenerative Conditions 

With Neurofeedback training, most people experience profound improvements in the quality of their sleep, calming, and decreased stress. Sleep is critical for  repair, regulation and function of literally every-thing that happens in the body, while stress is generally inflammatory to all body systems. Therefore, the good news with Autoimmune conditions is, if the condition in question is benefited by stress & sleep improvements, which many are, then it is likely Neurofeedback will positively impact the progression and or help to remediate symptoms.


In fact, some autoimmune conditions advance almost entirely due to the effects of stress & inflammation, and remit as stress goes away.  And when we have quality sleep and are happy, we are much more likely to comply with a complete Mind-Body Healing Wellness Program. Benefits of Neurofeedback training often reported are lifestyle improvements, like success with quitting smoking, healthful eating, willingness to exercise, and consistent meditation or prayer practices.


Neurofeedback enhances our feelings of well-being, emotional & spiritual perspective, & acceptance, feelings especially welcomed by those dealing with autoimmune conditions. 




Neurofeedback training helps to train the brain to be more flexible, to calm the "Fight-Flight" highly alert nervous system.

When the brain experiences stress, whether it be physical, such as from head trauma, metabolic, ex. low blood sugar, or emotionally based stress, the brain can become "stuck" in the habit of being in 'high gear,' known as the "Fight Flight" high alert state or 'low gear' from adrenal burn-out.  "Fight-Flight" can often be seen as the "Ring of Fire" on PET scan brain imaging.


Research shows Neurofeedback is very effective at calming high alert states naturally, and safely enhancing sleep and calm states. When one is relaxed, alert, balanced, and more flexible, one sleeps better, takes better care of him/herself, and has a better ability to follow-through with their own life plans, as well as their doctor's & therapist's treatment recommendations.




Neurofeedback  is supportive care,

complimentary to other treatments, 

not a stand-alone "therapy."


Neurofeedback has been shown it can be profoundly helpful for improving, remediating, and/or alleviating a wide range of conditions, though it is important to reaffirm Neurofeedback is considered a modality for assisting the nervous system to improve its function, and is not considered a 'treatment' or a 'cure.'


Neurofeedback, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Alternative Health Care specialties, all share the goal of assisting the body's innate intelligence to heal itself, as such do not treat disease.  Neurofeedback trains the brain to improve self-regulation so the body is better able to manage and self-heal.  Chiropractors call this natural healing ability  "Innate." 


with poor sleep, illness and stress?

Yes, when the brain corrects its own timing, the benefits are improved sleep, reduced stress, and general enhancement to physical and mental health.  
Neurofeedback tends to have long-lasting effects. Enhancing sleep and calming stress allows the body to heal, which is helpful to slowing the progression of many chronic illnesses or conditions, as one part of a supportive, complimentary management plan, while concurrently under supervision of the appropriate licensed medical or mental care professional.
Medical and mental health professions often reports better outcomes for patients who have a positive mental attitude including a healthy lifestyle & diet, meditative practices, quality sleep, exercise, and a sense of purpose. Neurofeedback enhances a positive mental attitude.
I welcome questions about whether Neurofeedback may be useful or what direction may work best for a particular symptom or condition, and how it relates to your specific health goals.

Dr. Deb Murphy - Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback

Why is Neurofeedback helpful for so

many different people & conditions?


Because correcting the brain's timing mechanism, improves function and flexibility of the Central Nervous System, Master in Control of the

entire human experience.


Since there are over 150 billion nerve cells (neurons) and over 150 billion connections (synapses) in the brain, and they are all connected by three synapses timed under 1/10th of a millisecond, small improvements in the timing mechanism can have profound improvements for regulation of the entire system, which we experience as improved functions of all systems in the body, especially well-being and vitality.  Neurofeedback is like showing the master mechanic the diagnostics on a car, and receiving a tune up. 


The Central Nervous System is the master control of all body-mind functions, and when functioning best, we become happier, more productive, energized and relaxed - optimized!  Neurofeedback trains both general brain regulation, and specific functions. For example, research shows improvements to the timing mechanisms is a very effective treatment for ADD/ADHD, while training specific areas in the brain is especially useful for rerouting pathways around areas damaged by stroke, or trauma, and assisting someone's brain to relax in a deep state is useful for processing of old habits and fears. Neurofeedback has been shown to be useful for a broad range of conditions. 

Dr. Deborah Murphy - Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback
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Fight-Flight is like a car's idle stuck on high.


Ideally, the nervous system is flexible, such as an idle on a car, slowing for a slow response, and accelerating when a faster response is needed.  The Fight or Flight response is like an idle stuck on high.  It exists to keep us alive and quick to action in an emergency.


A healthy nervous system should return to a calm state, only ten minutes after a stressful event.  Some people become chronically stuck in  over-arousal, a disregulated stress state where their hearts beat rapidly for action, muscles are tense, and their minds are gripped in fear. That’s why muscles become tense, we experience stress, and we may have difficulty focusing on school, work or organization.


Neurofeedback trains the nervous system to be more flexible, 'unsticking the idle', enhancing deep healing sleep, therefore helping digestion, vital immunity, happiness, & more.  In fact, when brain flexibility is restored, our idling speed can smoothly move faster or slower between stress & calm, fear-based grip & serenity, detailed focus or an expansive perspective.  And with flexibility and fluidity comes creativity, for when the brain gently weaves between perceptions, feelings, & ideas, able to expand or fix its focus, using various parts of the brain,  the result is enhanced creativity and peak performance. Neurofeedback calms the Fight-Flight Response.  Resilience and optimization are the result.



We all get stuck in 'ruts,' habitual patterns, moods, negative thinking, compulsive behaviors, illnesses, disregulation, and if we are not moving through these states easily and flexibly, it may be due to habitual patterns, grooved tracks neurologically based in the brain.  


Neurofeedback safely exercises the brain, encouraging it to find new pathways, effectively freedom from ruts.


Improvements to the timing mechanisms of the brain, increasing activity and blood flow to specific or different sites and routes, is brain flexibility, and yes, that means we become more adaptable, resilient, and flexible people, better able to let our authentic optimal best selves shine through. 


Dr. Deborah Murphy -  Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback

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Dr. Deborah Murphy -

Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback

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