What do I need to know about


Medications, Substances, and Neurofeedback


A common benefit of Neurofeedback training is improvements to sleep, mood, and focus,  therefore it is common to need less or possibly even eliminate the need for medication or substances.  However, changing or eliminating some medications can be extremely dangerous, therefore, it is imperative to work directly with one’s licensed prescribing medical or psychological doctor / practitioner to SAFELY MANAGE ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION CHANGES. Since Chiropractors are drugless practitioners, not trained in pharmacology, Dr. Murphy does not assist with medication adjustments. 

  Should I keep taking my prescription medication/s 
while receiving Neurofeedback training?  


YES, ABSOLUTELY keep taking medications as prescribed!  

Neurofeedback training is effective while one is taking medications, and it is important to continue taking medications as prescribed. Adjustments to dosage may become indicated, so discuss changing symptoms with your prescribing doctor, and continue to work safely under their supervision when changes are indicated.

* Important Information


* Neurofeedback is considered adjunctive, ancillary, and supportive care to your medical, mental, or alternative health care practitioner's treatment, and is not a stand-alone treatment.  While receiving Neurofeedback, always work in conjunction with an appropriate licensed medical or mental health professional, regarding diagnosis and treatment of the underlying condition. 


Is Neurofeedback effective if I have had a
glass of wine or a nonprescription substance?  


Yes. Training is still effective when one is mildly under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, though more effective and productive training occurs when one is substance-free.  It is beneficial, but not essential, to refrain from substance use, especially before sessions.  As one's nervous system comes into balance, some people experience a diminishing desire &/or need for substances.  Neurofeedback training is a supportive modality for helping the nervous system to regulate more efficiently, and is not a treatment.  Treatment for substance issues are directed to licensed mental health or medical health professionals. 

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