Train you brain and Advance your Life.

 Unwanted Habits, Chronic Pain, 

Stress, or Poor Sleep Patterns ? 

Neurofeedback brain training

is natural, safe, & effective.

Neurofeedback Training 


Safely Retrain Your Brain!

Neurofeedback, aka Neurotherapy, Brainwave  or EEG Biofeedback, is a form of Biofeedback using moment to moment samplings of brainwaves to help the brain retime them, so they work more efficiently.

Teach the  brain a new way of processing, to become more resilient, better able to stabilize emotions, calm down more quickly, absorb information more 

readily, and enhance healing.

Safe & Effective
Neuroplasticity Training
is Exercise for the Brain
Alpha Brainwaves- 
a meditative brain state

Video - What is Neurofeedback?

Dr. Deborah Murphy DC, Othmer Method Certified 

This video explores what Neurofeedback brain training is,  how it works, and conditions it supports improvement for, like sleep, headaches, and stressful moods.

Neurofeedback Training Soothes

The Fight-Flight Response  


Ideally, the nervous system is flexible, such as an idle on a car, slowing for a slow response, and accelerating when a faster response is needed.  The Fight or Flight response is like an idle stuck on high.  It exists to keep us quick to action, alive & best in an emergency.  A healthy nervous system returns to a calm state, only ten minutes after a stressful event.  Some people become chronically stuck in  over-arousal or under-arousal.  Over-arousal is a disregulated stress state where the heart beats rapidly for action, muscles activate, and the mind is gripped in fear. That’s why muscles become tense, we experience stress, and we may have difficulty focusing on school, work, organization, or being our best. Neurofeedback helps us move flexibly between states.  A calm state, is necessary for health, best healing, sleep, digestion, vital immunity, yet when we are  flexible enough to speed up for action & activity, we feel productive and creative.
Neurofeedback training -  For being the best we can be!

Dr. Deborah Murphy - Ojai Chiropractor & Neurofeedback

111 W Topa Topa St Ste 3, Ojai, California, CA



  • Improves Sleep Quality

  • Pain Regulation  

  • Headaches

  • Emotional Resiliency Quicker Calming

  • Enhanced Focus

  • Success with ADD/ADHD

  • Better Information Processing

  • Clarity of Thought

  • Less Confusion & Doubt

  • Enhanced Creativity

  • Best Neuroplasticity

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