with Neurofeedback Training?


Progress with Neurofeedback is monitored by tracking symptoms, and via a test named the QIK test.  The QIK measures how consistently one can maintain attention and focus over a twenty-minute period, and where gains can be, or have been made.



QIK is an accurate and effective computerized measurement tool for objectively understanding and tracking success with Neurofeedback.  It is a computerized Continuous Performance Test or CPT, and typically is given at the onset of Neurofeedback training, and again at 20 sessions, for comparison.


A small plastic hand-held devise, a button on the QIK is pushed when a digital target appears.  QIK is a 20 minute test and contains a slow, fast, then slow section, to observe how one maintains attention and performance over time when one's attention may tend to vary.  It measures if someone tends toward impulsivity or inattentivity, especially as the test demand changes.


When tired, do you have a tendency to become more impulsive, or more inattentive?  

Take the 20 minute QIK test and find out.  


After tracking and graphing response speed, consistency, and accuracy, results are compared to 50,000 other people, specifically by age and gender.  When the nervous system is functioning optimally, response time is quick, accurate, and there is only a small margin of variability when changing from slow to fast to slow again, when some people's attention tends to wane.

The QIK charts ones' tendency toward impulsivity, by measuring what we call commission errors ('jumping the gun'.) It gauges inattention, by tracking omission errors, missing the target because one 'spaces-out.'  And it quantifies how well one maintains their ability to focus over time, with a varying challenge between fast and slow, or stress and boredom.  


Unlike other CPTs, the test cannot be learned or mastered with practice, therefore only improvement to regulation of ones' nervous system improves the scores, so it can be repeated regularly if desired.  QIK can be administered to those over the age of seven.  It is helpful to take the QIK on a day when one is feeling fairly typical, and not unusually tired.  

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