There are over 150 billion neurons, or nerve cells, and over 150 trillion connections, synapses between them, yet, every neuron is connected by only three or fewer connections.  This amazing fact shows us how important it is for the brain to have the timing regulation system working efficiently, and when it is not, it is poorly regulating or 'disregulated.'  The timing of the firing of networks of nerve cells occurs in our brains within 1/10th of a millisecond, very fast, so slight imbalances in the system affects system functioning as a whole. As timing regulation improves, many systems in our body improve, thus functioning more optimally physically and emotionally, enhanced sense of well-being, is the result.


Did you know the consistency of the brain is very soft, a cross between jelly and pudding-like?  There are many nerve cells (neurons) connecting the brain other parts of the brain, and body.  There are even more tiny little nerves, "interneurons," connecting the billions of neurons into groupings and networks. The main job of the interneuron is to inhibit or dampen nerve firings.  If it weren't for Interneurons, our nerves would all fire at once. That would be quite a sight to see!  "Interneurons" are easily disrupted by trauma to the head, medications, high fever, and illnesses, dissregulating the groups of neurons that fire together, and altering timing mechanisms in the brain, thus more impulsive or compulsive behaviors can appear.  A common condition characterized by impulsivity, for example, is ADHD, and research studies have proven Neurofeedback to be powerful for re-regulating ADHD, as well as many other conditions.


Neurofeedback assists the brain to become more flexible by exercising timing mechanisms and nerve groupings, electrical signals firing together, so they become more efficient. They can and do re-regulate!  A flexible brain is able to break-free of unpleasant "ruts," or habitual patterns it may be stuck in.


Different Neurofeedback systems approach re-regulation from varied philosophical and mathematical approaches, however there is more commonality than differences, as all train to increase flexibility and timing regulation in the brain.  All Neurofeedback systems safely exercise the brain to find new pathways, so what once was dissregulated, can become regulated. Flexibility means one may easily calm, or relax for rest, repair, or sleep, and be able to focus and energize for productivity and action. 

A flexible brain is a well-functioning brain, is a happy person.  100% genuinely You! 

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Timing of the Brain

Like a Train System


If clocks throughout a train system were all set to slightly different times, the disregulated schedule could cause system-wide train delays and even disasters. To fix the train schedule, simple self-correction of the clocks is in order.
By reregulating brain clocks,  Neurofeedback  teaches the brain  to be more flexible yet stable, more easily slowing to calmness, such as sleep or meditation, or speeding up for reading, computations and learning. Flexibility of brain states allows us a wide access to our brain's potential, including creativity, perspective and the feeling of being one's "true self."
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